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Hilary McClinton

Hilary McClinton

Hilary lives in British Columbia with her partner and two kids. She has worked in the field of behavior analysis, in various positions and settings, for just over 20 years. The last decade has been one of growth and gravitating towards applications of behavior analysis more in line with her values as a parent and practitioner. Hilary divides her practice between supporting families with sleep issues, and learn more about Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) has been a game-changer in helping interns through their journeys.

She continue to provide early intervention, incorporating her training in Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) into her practice as well.

While she have been practicing as a Behaviour Analyst for over ten years and have gained experience in many roles, she feel the bulk of my learning has occurred in the last six years. Today, she practice more in line with her values as a parent, and clinician, while learning more about how she can serve compassionately, humbly, and with integrity.

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My Pledge

To listen and lift the autistic community.

I recognize that our field is not perfect, it has and continues to do harm. I do believe that we can still do some good and am committed to listening and learning – and take action.

Behavior analysis is one tool, in a toolbox of many other professions and areas of research. To do our job well, we must see context and practice with cultural humility.