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Presented by: Oswin Latimer, Founder and President of Foundations for Divergent Minds

Oswin Latimer (fae/faer) is a lifelong advocate for practices and policies of issues of importance to disabled people. As a recognized expert and leader in faer field, fae works to empower people to have a voice in the direction and quality of their lives. Faer experience in leadership, educating, research, and public advocacy for issues surrounding autistic people has made faer a highly respected consultant, public speaker, and presenter. Oswin is the founder and President of Foundations for Divergent Minds and former Director of Community Engagement for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network where fae served as an advisor on autism policy discussion. Fae also offers useful strategies on neurodiversity-aligned practices and ensuring equity for all autistic people. Oswin is of indigenous heritage and is a parent of three. 

Foundations for Divergent Minds:


Oswin is joining us to discuss bodily autonomy and assent, as it applies to supporting autistic children within our practices, as behavior analysts. This topic is particularly relevant to the Core Principles guiding our professional conduct as behavior analysts, outlined in the Ethical Code for Behavior Analysts. Of note, we are expected to supports others in away that benefits them, and treat others with compassion, dignity and respect. Being respectful of a child’s indication of assent, or withdrawal of assent, builds self-determination – every child has a right to choice and autonomy.