Supporting families in the autistic
and neurodivergent community
through connection
and empowerment.



Everyone has the right to find joy in their day and navigate their world in a way that is meaningful to them.

You know better than anyone what your challenges, hopes and dreams are. You deserve support that is individualized and customized to your needs, values and learning goals.

By listening and collaborating with your family, I can help you create a support plan that addresses those areas most important to you.

My approach is research-based, yet always driven by our values of curiosity, respect and humility. Informed by research across many fields and areas of knowledge, my hope is to understand context and cultural values so clients are able to build autonomy and self-deterimination.

We are not all wired the same way, neurodiversity exists and reflects the biological differences we all carry. I recognize that our field is rooted in ableism and colonialism. My ongoing journey includes learning more about neurodivergence and trauma so I can better support accessibility and individualized disability accommodations.


No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

Dr. James P. Comer       


Who !


I support parents of young children and teens to provide support and coaching. I recognize that my client is the child or individual directly benefiting from supports, their input is necessary and should guide any supports or accommodations.

Together, we will assess and design a support plan that meets your needs and that of your child. From the beginning, we provide ongoing supervision and support, adjusting as we go to make sure we are staying in alignment with the family goals and values as they shift and change



We get to know each other in a 30 minute free consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and review our practice      to determine if we are a good fit.
We start our work together with an assessment including you and your child. This is followed by a debrief         meeting in which we discuss the next steps.
Based on the assessment results, we design a support plan created to meet your child’s needs and your priorities.
We discuss what service provision would best suit you. This may mean setting up a team of behavior interventionists, connecting with other professionals and seeking out other community supports.
We monitor and re-adjust as needed, making sure we’re headed in the right track based on your feedback.



Manage the challenging moments in your day, teach your child new skills to navigate life, and learn to give yourself grace.

Parent Coaching is an integral area of our support plans. Whether you are supplementing a home-based program, or you want to solely focus on coaching, our goal is to increase learning opportunities throughout the day.

Through an ACT-inspired approach (Acceptance and Commitment Training) lens, you will learn the tools you need to teach your child new skills. ACT is a tool that can help us work through barriers you may experience so you can connect with your child, while meeting your needs as well.

Want to continue


We offer a variety of courses to help you face any challenge with confidence and empathy.