Supporting families in the autistic
and neurodivergent community
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From infancy to adulthood, sleep continues to be a vital component of overall physical and psychological health. Sleep contributes to learning, memory, immune function and so much more.

Sleep consultation is a team approach with recommendations grounded in data and research, and your values. The process is collaborative, working with you to answer the million-dollar question “Why is your child not sleeping well?” By working in line with your family values and early childhood norms we can create a sustainable plan.

Each sleep-related challenge is unique in its causes and symptoms, a cookie-cutter approach simply does not work. By asking the right questions, providing direct support and individualizing, we can achieve your ultimate goal — a healthy night’s sleep for everyone.

Sleep training can seem like a daunting task! And the term is used in so many ways, it’s hard to know what it means and which route is the “right” one to take. When I use say sleep training, I am talking about a family centred approach to problem solve sleep issues so that everyone can sleep again. 

Mother cuddling baby in a carrier

My Why

I learned what sleep deprivation can do postpartum, as I navigated post-partum anxiety, addressing sleep was a huge piece of recovery. If we are not sleeping well as parents, it has a direct impact on our ability to model all of those wonderful regulation skills we want our children to learn. I learned about sleep so I could help other parents, I know first hand how hard it is to get started – I’m here, you are not alone.


Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day.


Matthew Walker, PhD




When someone in your family can’t sleep, no one can. Approximately 75-80% of autistic children struggle to get healthy sleep. This also means you, as their parents, are not sleeping either.

However, a night of uninterrupted sleep is possible for everyone (even if it may not seem like it). Your child can sleep!

Learning to fall asleep is like any other life skill… It can be taught.

We help families facing any of the following sleep challenges:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Not sleeping for the recommended duration
  • Waking up in the middle of the night
  • Unable to fall asleep independently
  • Disruptive bedtime routine
  • Insomnia

Sleep Support



One-hour one-on-one Zoom call Review of Sleep Journal Q&A with recommendations Follow-up check-in


Zoom call to review sleep journal and complete brief assessment A written plan of recommendations Follow-up check-in


Comprehensive assessment Written plan to address all sleep challenges Meeting to review the plan and answer any questions Direct support on the night of implementation as needed Personalized support as needed

Who !


Sleep Services are available for Kids, Teens, and Adults.

We work with children between the ages 2 years old and up, across neurotypes, facing sleep challenges. 


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Start with a complimentary 15-30 minute call to see servcies are a good fit for you.

The first step is to talk about your sleep problems to identify the “why”. Sleep problems can occur for various reasons, we’ll look for the root cause. We’ll talk about sleep history, daily routines and any other variables that may be contributing to poor sleep.

Based on our assessment, we’ll start planning. We’ll talk about recommendations and choices to make sure the plan works for your family. You will get a written draft, and we’ll review it together.

Once we have a game plan, we practice! Role playing and talking through scenarios is a crucial piece to setting you up for success. Without a plan, or assessment, sleep is likely to worsen.

Based on our assessment, we’ll start planning. We’ll talk about recommendations and choices to make sure the plan works for your family. You will get a written draft, and we’ll review it together.

Treatment plans are uniquely designed for you. Therefore they can vary in intensity and need, families are encouraged to reach out to discuss specific options.


Give the gift to sleep

It all began with tackling my own child’s sleep, followed by a drive to specialize in an area impacting so many families.

After spending time learning from other fields, working with a mentor and gaining experience, supporting other professionals in their own journey towards competence in sleep treatment seemed like the next logical step.

Individual Mentorship

What does mentorship include?

  • Regular contact during the mentorship period, by email and/or virtual meetings.
  • Access to resources and tools.
  • Direct coaching with your cases, from assessment to maintenance.
  • Support in honing those soft skills that will help you gain trust and tune into family context.

Mentorship models can be hourly or monthly packages. Contact us for more details. Sliding scales are available, I strongly believe mentorship should be accessible.