Supervision & Mentorship

We all have a unique journey, how we chose this career path and the experience we gained along the way. My journey has brought me here, to a place where I am passionate about supporting others find their niche through values-directed and compassionate practice. 


With over 20 years working in the field of behavior analysis, I specialize in infant-toddler supports, parent coaching, school advocacy, ACT and sleep treatment. Part of my journey has also included struggling with the current state of our field and finding my way towards practicing more in line neurodiversity affirming practices, focusing on self-advocacy and developing a strong sense of self. Change starts with us, as individuals, listening and making an effort to do better.  Working collaboratively, my hope is to help you find your path!

  1. We get to know each other in a free discover call where I can learn more about your needs, and you can ask any questions about my approach to see if we are a good fit. 
  2. We start with talking about your goals within mentorship, what skills do you want to develop and how can I support you to develop competence in those areas. 
  3. We will explore your values as a clinician and ensure we are working towards committed actions that are aligned with those values. 
  4. We will set up a timeline to reach your goals, resources to support your learning and monitor progress as we work together. 


Building your practice

Learning is ongoing, and values can shift over time. As part of your journey, you may find you would like guidance and support to hone your pivotal skills, specialize, or learn more about supervising others. You may be learning more about yourself and how you want to practice. Together we can work to clarify your values, set goals and committed actions towards your next steps.

Distance-based coaching and case consultation for supervision and compassionate practice is available.

Sleep Mentorship

Specializing in Sleep Treatment

Looking back, most of the families I’ve supported have struggled with some kind of sleep issue. We know how crucial healthy sleep is for us, it is equally important to our neurodivergent clients. Sleeping well is part of an optimal learning environment, developing your skills within sleep assessment and treatment is an asset to your professional toolbox. 

Remote case consultation is available, as well as comprehensive mentorship towards specialization.  

Sleep Mentee
Sleep Mentee
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Hilary is extensively knowledgeable in behaviour analysis and sleep, including beyond the behaviour-analytic sleep literature. Our mentorship sessions have allowed me to take my behaviour-analytic sleep practice to the next level. Thank you Hilary!


BACB Experience Hours

Supervision may include BACB® experience hours, developing your skills as a supervisor or support getting started after certification with your own caseload. Supervisory goals will go beyond the task list to include soft skills, organization, self-care to avoid burn and building competence. My goals is to help you develop the confidence to integrate the science of behavior analysis into compassionate practice.

Distance-based or direct supervision is available.

Sleep More, Struggle Less

Fees are available on sliding scales, supervision should not break your bank. 
Monthly packages are offered for supervision and mentorship.